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Sunset Memories
Koh Rong Island - Cambodia

This moment is one of my highlights of my trip in Asia, probably the most spectacular sunset I have ever seen.
The day didn’t start so well, we took a boat to go on the beautiful Long beach, Koh Rong Island, Cambodia. The sea was a bit rough, we almost had to go back to the main pier.
Once on the beach, we realized that the place is still wild, not a soul around, except few tourists like us. I was expecting a very touristy place, it was a good news itself but I was starving. We started walking to go to the other side of the beach and then we realized that it could take a while, we literally had to run back to escape an heavy rain, and played cards until the sky became fire.

Mui Né - Vietnam

Good things come to those who wait.
This photo was taken at our favorite sunset spot in Mui Né, at the very end of the fishing village. We used to go there almost every week on our days off, for our sunset missions. We followed the same ritual all the time, buy couple of beers, take the speaker and the camera gear; this time we took Marine’s family with us.
We had a great time, few local children joined us for a long photo shoot.
The sun slowly went down, until it disappeared behind the sea. For a few minutes, nothing happened, it was over, time to drive home. But we decided to stay a little bit longer, enjoy our time a little bit more, and these rays of light came out of nowhere, the sky was orange and pink and purple. It was incredibly beautiful.
Be patient.

Achill Island - Ireland

Achill Island, Ireland.
A rainy, cold day, last October.
Quiet day, at home.
Pushed myself outside for the last lights.
It didn’t last long.
The right place at the right moment.

Bangkok - Thailand

Bangkok, last month.
It was a strange feeling to be back in Asia. A comforting feeling.
It was like going home after a long time, even if I haven’t spend that much time in Thailande.
You know when you listen to a song you haven’t listened to in a long time, it brings you back to your memories, to places, to people; you remember how you felt at this moment, what was going on in your life. When I arrived in Bangkok it was the food, the ice coffees, the smelly streets, the pollution, motorbikes, tuk-tuks, the noises, the crazy busy streets; all these little things brought me back to great memories.
Asia, I’ll see you again.

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