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Marine & Solene in front of the Sacre Coeur de Paris
Our project

Sitting in the sun, outside a small Parisian café, watching passers-by, we dream of an elsewhere, we dream of far away.
We imagine, we chat, we wonder... And increasing, the project becomes a reality.

Asia. We dream of our breath being taken away by the beauty of its landscapes, we dream of a culture so different from ours, we dream of hours spent together living with the locals, we dream of dozens of encounters that we could all share with you.
On our way to a new life, the adventure starts the 18th March, we will flight to Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Marine and Solene. Respectively 21 and 22 years old, we met at the Moulin Rouge one year and a half ago, where we worked as waitresses. New friendship, complicity growing up, together we prepare this project of far away.

Two really different routes. Marine, born in Bordeaux, grows up in Toulouse, leave her family home at 18 years old, and goes to Paris to study cinema. Solene, born in Paris, starts studying biology after high school. No way for her to spend her life closed in a laboratory, she flies away at 20 years old for an Australian year.
Thanks to our different experiences, a real complementarity was born in our work and lives.

Surprising Women. That is the trail we want to follow and the theme we want for this blog. It will contain pictures and stories shared from a feminine point of view exclusively, to talk about the women we met.
We want to go meet them, exchange, share, tell their stories, whether they are ordinary or not.
It is through all these women and stories that we will feed this blog.