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Surf Falling - NZ

Abstract idea 1/3 - Falling⁣
Today, I read ‘Women of Vision’ of National Geographic. It shows incredible photos and interviews of women photographers. Kitra Cahana said in her interview ‘’The greatest ideal of an image is to reference an abstract idea.’’ Here is my abstract idea of falling. Falling appart.
It is when you’re hiding or drowning (hard to say) in that huge ocean of invisible pain; when your goals disappeared from one day to another; when you’ve lost the direction and have no idea of where to go and what to do; it is when going home seems scary for no reason; when the future seems to be a way too long when it used to look a way too short to achieve all these dreams.
Everything is blurry and burning like when you open your eyes in the sea; like when you can’t wait to breath again.

Surf Grief - NZ

Abstract idea 2/3 - Grief⁣
“Grief comes by waves. Let the wave pass. Go ouside. Walk. You will see, you will feel just a little bit better in few minutes.’’⁣
My Dad wrote me those words few years ago, when grief invaded me for the first time, when I didn’t know we get over it with time.
⁣ I couldn’t find a better metaphor to describe it. Grief is this treacherous wave that catches you by surprise, smashes your head in the sand; that wave that keeps you underwater for so long, that keeps you from breathing for what seems to be an eternity.

Surfing Loneliness - NZ

Abstract idea 3/3 - Loneliness
⁣ "No, I don't think the choice to ‘go fishing’ is the solution to everyone's problems. On the other hand, I do believe that if everyone went fishing, there would be considerably fewer problems. Only when you really spend time with yourself you can truly learn to know yourself. It isn't particularly complicated. It just takes time."⁣
I read that 3 years ago in a magazine about Sweden during my road trip in Scandinavia, and I tend to forget about it sometimes.
⁣ I learned that I’m more peaceful and calm inside, when I’m able to spend time with myself. ⁣ I don’t go fishing. But replace that word by many other words, it works too. I go running, and more and more I just take my camera and go around, to try to find inspiration.
⁣ Embrace your loneliness.

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